Legends Talking Bollox!

An irreverent, entertaining series of events raising funds for and awareness of the fight against testicular cancer. Aimed at an audience of sports enthusiasts from all walks of life, Legends Talking Bollox! brings together world class sport, top level entertainment and the support of Everyman’s fight against testicular cancer.


A much over used word in the world of sport but for our events, a genuine sporting legend will feature at each event. Talking Bollox? Not just talking; laughing, joking and entertaining too. We’ll be auctioning sporting memorabilia at each event on behalf of Everyman too.

Legends Talking Bollox!

A loud, proud, high profile, nationwide series of sportsmen’s dinners and pub evenings featuring a different sporting hero at each event. Entertainment is high on the menu as we seek to raise funds for Everyman’s fight against test icular cancer as well as awareness among men around the sensitive area (pun intended) of checking for and discussing the disease. In fact we’ve even coined the phrase; “it’s okay to talk bollox, your life may depend on it!” Legends Talking Bollox! is a unique national series of sportsman’s dinner events and pub evenings which deliver a serious message in a light hearted, irreverent way.

But Isn’t ‘Bollox!’ Offensive?

You may well ask! The answer is a resounding no and that’s official. In fact it is the only word in the English language formally judged by the courts as NOT offensive*. Whether that makes it the least offensive word around or not we neither know nor care as long as we have some fun and raise some cash and awareness along the way.

*Nottingham Magistrates Court, 24th November 1977.